As a seasoned team of experienced leadership advisors, coaches & facilitators, we are passionate about helping leaders create impactful and sustainable change in their organisations through their own passionate deliberate actions.


Our mission is to share the insights we’ve gathered over our own careers, and the facilitation techniques and tools that we use and love. We are your partners in enabling diversity-focused, inclusive and inspiring workplaces.

Isman Tanuri

Isman Tanuri


“My FAVE Leader role is to build the big picture of our mission, engage the community and to co-create our products and services for our clients.”

Meiko Tourista

Meiko Tourista

Founding Partner, Facilitator

“At FAVE Leader, I contribute to co-creating and shaping our offerings through new ideas and alternative viewpoints. I’m also developing the FAVE Leader business and community in Indonesia.”

Nicola Stephens

Nicola Stephens

Founding Partner, Facilitator

“My FAVE Leader role is to co-create products that inspire leaders and teams to solve their challenges and succeed in their goals, and offer encouragement along the way.”

Wan Tsau Lim

Wan Tsau Lim

Founding Partner, Creative

“My role in FAVE Leader is to combine meaningful designs with the purpose of the products so as to bring greater coherence and resonance for our clients.”

How do we support you

Our FAVE Leader Team is a group of experienced advisors, coaches and facilitators who have worked with leaders and teams in various industries and organisations around the world.

We are passionate about sharing our collective experience and expertise in people and organisational development directly with you, the leader.

We will support you by developing your leadership self-awareness and providing the skills necessary to become an inclusive and inspiring facilitative leader. Our goal is to help you facilitate your own team with confidence and curiosity.

In this way, your success, as a workplace leader, is guaranteed to be more sustainable for the longer term.

Our Collective Expertise

  • Agile & Business Agility
  • Agile Coaching & Team Facilitation
  • Creative & Storytelling Services
  • Learning & Process Facilitation
  • Leadership Development
  • Learning & Development
  • Organisational Development
  • People Development
  • Product & Service Development
  • Project Management

Our Business Experience


  • Business Development, Marketing & Sales
  • Creative & Publishing
  • Education & Training
  • Human Resources
  • Product Development
  • Software Engineering


  • Advertising Technology
  • Entertainment
  • Finance
  • Hospitality & Travel Technology
  • Infocomm & Telecommunication
  • Internet Media & Publishers
  • Pharmaceutical

Supporting partners

We ensure the highest program delivery and service quality by partnering with world-class service providers from around the world. Reach out to us if you would like to learn more about our partners and their respective products and services.


Miro is a virtual collaborative work platform that enables teams to engage effectively, from ideating with digital sticky notes to planning and managing agile workflows. Miro has over 30 million users globally and is used by 95% of Fortune 100 companies.


International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile) is an accreditation and certification body for Agile Education, consisting of pioneers, experts, and trusted advisors in the industry. ICAgile does this by helping organisations and training providers design learning experiences that cultivate an agile mindset and enable sustainable organisational agility.


Emergenetics provides a distinct view into what makes you tick by revealing the ways that you prefer to think and prefer. Emergenetics provide the blueprint to achieve greater self-awareness, enhance communication and build more productive workplaces, seen through seven powerful Behavioural and Thinking Attributes.

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