The FAVE leader journey

Foundational, Leadership & Workplace Culture Development

The Facilitative & Visually Engaging Leader is a learning & developmental program designed for people managers and emerging leaders.

The program is structured to assist and support participants through a self-development journey and a learn-and-practise phase in people facilitation and intervention design.

Our coaches & facilitators will also provide support in workplace culture development during the entirety of the program.

* While the program is best delivered as an end-to-end developmental experience, all aspects of The FAVE Leader program can be made available as a customised or one-off engagement. Reach out to us for further discussion.

period 1

Foundational Development

A successful developmental program always begins in the training classroom by growing strong roots in authoritative and foundational knowledge. 

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1. The Agile-Aware Leader


  • Learn and understand Business Agility by sense-making using Complexity- and Systems-thinking

  • With a firm grasp of Agile, understand what is required to lead in dynamic organisations and complex adaptive environments

  • Participants of this ICAgile-accredited training workshop receive the ‘ICAgile Certified Professional in Business Agility Foundations (ICP-BAF)’ certification upon completion


2. The Self-Aware Leader


  • While Business Agility helps us to sense-make our external organisational, work and world environments, the Self-Aware Leader seeks within to create positive and sustainable change

  • Upon completing the 100-question Emergenetics survey, participants will receive their Emergenetics Profile Report that provide insights into their behavioural and thinking preferences. These personal insights are key to further develop relationships at work and facilitative leadership abilities


3. The Agile People Leader


  • Business Agility knowledge and insights into self are less useful if not partnered with deliberate practice. This training workshop is an opportunity for participants to learn the facilitative tools and techniques and to leverage their self-knowledge to lead and manage in complex work environments

  • Participants of this ICAgile-accredited training workshop receive the ‘ICAgile Certified Professional in People Development (ICP-PDV)’ certification upon completion


period 2

Leadership Development

Post-training support is provided through a structured leadership talent development and facilitative leadership coaching program. This phase of engagement is recommended for three to six months. 

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Leadership Talent & Team Development with Emergenetics

  • A core belief of The FAVE Leader program is that sustainable change and improvements begin with the leader’s awareness of self. The Emergenetics Profile provides the insights for self-development and self-reflection on personal behaviours.

  • The impact of this development phase is expanded by providing the Emergenetics solution to team members, allowing for collective group awareness and development.


Facilitative Leadership Coaching

  • Using people facilitation techniques and tools may be daunting for both experienced and first-time leaders. Our leadership facilitation coaches provide onsite train-the-facilitator support in the form of intervention design, technique discovery and practice, and ‘shadow facilitator’ engagements.

  • Advanced training in other facilitation techniques, such as Design Thinking and Liberating Structures, can be made available.


Continuous Development

Workplace Culture Development

Alongside leadership self-awareness and team-development, enhancing workplace culture, including processes and platforms, is also an important aspect of holistic organisational improvement. 

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Ways of Working

  • Contextualise and implement Agile Ways of Working for your team with the support of our coaches and facilitators. Explore Scrum, Kanban or a hybrid system most suited to your team’s efficiency and productivity needs.

  • Facilitate your own Agile ceremonies and working events such as Design Thinking or Customer Story Mapping workshops, guided by our coaches.

Virtual Collaborative Workplaces

  • Collaborating effectively and productively in the hybrid and virtual workplaces require a different approach altogether. Learn how to use and implement virtual collaboration platforms with guidance from our in-house Miro experts.

  • Use virtual collaborative technologies to create an inclusive and participative workplace even while remote.

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