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The agile leader understands that very little aspects of organisational life are actually within their control. In reality, the only total control possible is that of the self that determines our actions and behaviours. Yet, leaders often have a limited understanding of their natural self including their preferred ways to think and behave.

Emergenetics solves this by providing the tool to reveal these preferences and provide insights for both personal and team development.


emergenetics program

The FAVE Leader Journey encourages developing a high degree of self-awareness to become a facilitative leader and effective change advocate. The Emergenetics Profile empowers the leader with insights into self by using seven Behavioural and Thinking attributes.

Emergenetics also supports team development. As more colleagues are equipped with their own individual Emergenetics Profile, leaders gain windows into individual preferences and can use this knowledge to shape a more empathetic, inclusive and productive workplace.

Awareness of Self

Team Development & Effectiveness

Guide & Support Others

The Emergenetics personality assessment tool has been researched for over 30 years and its reliability and long-term validity have been scientifically-proven. Read more about the science behind Emergenetics.

The Changing Focus of Managers in the Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Eras

As we look to the future of work, managers will continue to be instrumental to the performance of the organization and their employees, and their priorities may look a little different than in the past.

Read more about the Seven Priorities for Managers in the New Age of Work and what role Emergenetics can play in improving management practices.

Sharon Taylor

Director, Quality, Learning & Development, Emergenetics International

Encouraging Deeper Conversations

The Emergenetics Experience

Our Certified Emergenetics Associates are trained to deliver these discovery and learning experiences for FAVE Leaders, their team members and colleagues

Individual Emergenetics Profile

  • Understand individual’s preferred Behaviour and Thinking attributes and how these contribute to a person’s working style
  • Leaders can use their Emergenetics Profile insights to further their self-development in areas of self-awareness, emotional intelligence, personal effectiveness and productivity


Team Dynamics for Small Groups

  • Facilitated experience for team members to discover their personal and collective Behavioural and Thinking preferences
  • Provide a platform for teams to co-create and enhance communication and collaboration 
  • Ideal for 3-9 participants


The Meeting of the Minds

  • Gain self-awareness of personal strengths and talents of others in this facilitated workshop 
  • Understand how to use Emergenetics insights to enhance workplace communication and collaboration
  • Ideal for 10 or more participants


All our Emergenetics coaching sessions and workshops are available in-person or as virtual sessions. You can engage us for the Emergenetics experience without having to enroll in the FAVE Leader Program.

If you require a customised Emergenetics solutions for your organisation, reach out to us via hello@faveleader.com or Contact Us.

Inspire Results

Watch Emergenetics at Work

Understand how Emergenetics can engage and inspire employees in the workplace through collective behavioural and thinking insights

We use the best virtual collaboration and conference technologies available for an interactive and participative learning and development experience.

Official Miro Experts

#1 virtual collaboration platform for team collaboration, work visualisation and inclusive learning experiences


High-quality and reliable video conferencing platform for the most conducive learning experiences

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