Leadership Coaching

More leadership facilitation, less managerial instructions.

This change in approach is critical for leaders to be successful in the new era of post-pandemic organisations. The nature of work challenges have become considerably more complex with digitisation. Add remote work to the mix.

It’s hard to problem-solve alone. Today’s leaders need people to provide diversity of opinions and ideas to co-create and contribute to solution-making. Less instructions, more willing contribution. But are your leaders able to effectively facilitate a group of diverse co-workers to solve these wicked challenges?

Why you need facilitative Leadership coaching?

Facilitation is not simply organising a meeting, inviting and getting a group of people together, and ensuring the meeting keeps to its agenda. In fact, quality facilitation requires an understanding of people science, and possessing the ability to craft experiences and influence people to engage and take action.

Leaders in other arenas, such as the military leader or the sports coach, always lead from the front by creating a visually-engaging persona. This is why facilitative leadership coaching is an important aspect of a people manager or emerging leader’s developmental journey.

Why modern Leaders need to facilitate

    • Step up and step into view. To be visually engaging.
    • To establish team trust, and an inclusive and psychologically-safe workplace for respectful exchange of ideas
    • To benefit from diversity in the team by providing equal opportunity for everyone in the room to contribute and to be heard
    • To solve complex and wicked organisational or team challenges by tapping on the collective wisdom through in an inclusive and structured way
    • To energise and inspire team members by facilitating more dynamic and innovative meetings #GroundhogDay
    • To engage and interact effectively in the virtual workplace

What does Our Facilitative Leadership coaching Support provide?

Empowering & Enabling the FAVE Leader

Learning new skills, and especially one that involves facilitating people and our naturally-complex selves , is never easy. While some leaders are adept at influencing and guiding people towards specific objectives, there are many who will require close support to operationalise their facilitative leadership knowledge into day-to-day work and long-term endeavours.

Our team is on hand to provide coaching and mentoring support for leaders who are ready to evolve their interactions with people in their teams and in the wider organisation.

Our coaching support program typically runs between three to six months. Coaching sessions are delivered on a personal basis and at the group levels.

The Facilitative Coaching Process

    Strategising with knowledge

    • We provide opportunity for program participants to reconnect and reflect on gained Business Agility and Facilitative Leadership knowledge and contextualise insights for their own organisation and team 
    • Our coaches will guide participants to formulate personal and team development plans during coaching period

    Preparing for system improvement

    • Together with participants, we will identify key team and work challenges that can be addressed through facilitated and structured group experiences
    • We will co-create and structure an intervention strategy and provide session design and planning support

    Guidance & feedback

    • We will support leaders in their facilitation activities, and provide open and valuable feedback on ways to improve their approaches to engage and influence their teams  

    Advancing Capabilities

    • Ready for more? We will help to train and coach leaders to organise better meetings, learn new facilitation and innovation techniques such as Design Thinking, Liberating Structures and Open Space Technology.


    Want to know more about our Facilitative Leadership Coaching?

    Our facilitative leadership coaching engagement is available in-person and virtually. You are welcomed to work with us at any time without the need to enrol in The FAVE Leader Program.

    Reach out to us if you require a customised leadership coaching solutions for your organisation.

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