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Action-oriented, engaged and inclusive leaders in complex modern workplaces

Less framework, more peoplework

How can we help

Work life in today’s digital-driven knowledge-based organisations is getting more demanding and stressful by the day.

We have designed The FAVE Leader Learning & Development Program to help people managers and emerging leaders like you acquire business agility mastery and facilitative leadership skills to stay cool and stay ahead.

Psychologically Safe Workplaces

Learn how to develop and facilitate psychologically safe and inclusive workplaces

Grow Self at Work

Use Complexity- and Systems-Thinking to help you thrive in challenging workplaces

Help Others Co-Create & Grow

Nurture system-aware individual team members, and self-organising teams.

Agile Ways of Working

Facilitate and implement agile, focused and innovative ways of working without the fuss

Solve Complex Problems

Facilitate and co-create your way to innovative solutions through collective team wisdom

Collaborate Anywhere

Collaborate and work effectively and efficiently in hybrid or remote working environments

Business agility & Facilitative leadership

The effective modern organisation is built on practising business agility and facilitative leadership.

Case Story

Learn how this global pharmaceutical organisation create an agile, inclusive and responsive workplace by empowering its employees through co-creation and facilitative leadership. 

Trusted Supporting Partners

We partner with world-class organisations to provide you with the L&D standards, methods and technologies to develop your facilitative leadership abilities, and to manage and organise your dynamic workplaces.

Official Miro Experts

#1 virtual collaboration platform for team collaboration, work visualisation and inclusive learning experiences

ICAgile Accredited

Experienced Agile learning facilitators and courses accredited by ICAgile, the world’s trusted authority on Agile education

Emergenetics Certified

Premier assessment instrument to gain insights on behavioural and thinking preferences to develop leadership potential and team effectiveness

The Box Certified

The Box is the ultimate experiential learning tool to deep dive into one’s mindset, shape new self-belief and craft a personal developmenta plan

How and why we are different

We are successful when you put us out of work.

When you facilitate and lead from the front, you will achieve many things. But more importantly, you will create long lasting impact and sustainable change.

Our goal is to help you make facilitative leadership a core practical skill to develop people and manage challenging workplaces.

What’s in our program

Facilitative Leadership Training

Agile Ways of Working

Leadership Talent Development

Workplace Culture Development


Facilitative Leadership Coaching

Hybrid & Virtual Workplaces

clients we’ve Helped

Our team has worked with and supported organisational clients in many countries across different cultures, functions and industries

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